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A new way to read your news on the go

Rainbow RSS Reader is an App designed to do one and only thing: read the news. It's magic is in letting you get the grasp of it anytime and anywhere. A single feed combining the sources of information you trust under your fingertips. Literally!

New in version 1.2

  • Japanese, French, German and Dutch localization
  • Swipe and scroll-over gestures support
  • Single channel view

Unified feed

Different points of view on the same plain, different kinds of news in a single stream. It may be your favorite astrophisics blog mixed with political news and updates about rock concerts in downtime clubs. Unified in a single feed that tells you what's going on.

Group by color

Color your feeds and group them by topic, language or specific source. Isolate news by color and concentrate on what's imporant for you at the moment. More intuitive and easier to manage than folders, color grouping lets you see immediately what group every news belongs to or filter news by color.

Shake to read

Shaken, not stearen, is the way to take your news on the go. Just shake your iPhone or iPod and the next new article will pop-out. Particularly helpful when your hands are busy or while walking, "shake to read" gives you easy access to the latest news.


Punch in what you're looking for and read the news that match. Looking for a particular article you remember having read a few hours or days ago is amazingly easy. The search will scan each news title, text and categories to find what's matching your query in seconds for a precise result.

Easy setup

Just type in the name of the site and Rainbow RSS will add the feed for you.

And there's more: Google Reader Import, Facebook & Twitter integration, share by email, Retina display support, sideways navigation...


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